Horseshoe Construction, Inc. builds, maintains and repairs all type of underground utilities, including: Water, sewer and storm sewer. 


Water lines—municipal and corporate are one of our specialties. We have the capability to install water lines without necessarily digging up the ground due to our horizontal trenching and drilling equipment. Potable water and non-potable water lines can be installed on your property in all sizes. No job is too big or too small. 


Sanitary sewer lines (those that will have treated water) can be installed and in fact, we have installed these types of water lines all the way up to 36″ in all parts of the country. 


Storm sewer lines are those in which the water is not chemically treated. Horseshoe Construction, Inc. has the experience and expertise to conform with municipal, county and state codes as well as knowing EPA laws and regulations. You can trust Horseshoe Construction, Inc. to build your storm sewer lines to your specifications and satisfy your requirements as to the environmental impact to the community as well as finishing the job on time and within the bid guidelines. 

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Repairing Municipal Sewer Lines And Saving The Cities Money

The following is an explanation of how a municipality solves its sewer line problems, how they develop and how EPA guidelines can easily be followed AND heavy fines can be avoided. 

Common Problems

One of the most common problems that a city encounters with its sewer system is when there are multiple leaks that are affecting the entire system. It is common to develop hundreds of small leaks and when this happens, the surrounding groundwater seeps into the system. This is usually caused by a shifting of the ground by subsidence. There are usually thousands of sewer lines from private homes and businesses that connect to the main lines in addition to the regular sewer lines that crisscross the city. 

Usually the sewage treatment plants are only capable of handling a certain amount of water per day, but when there are thousands of leaks in the system, the surrounding groundwater seeps in and mixes with the normal amount of water flowing into the treatment plant. During heavy rains, this amount of water seeping into the lines is compounded and the amount of water flowing into the treatment plant can easily exceed what the EPA has licensed. It is quite easy for the allotted amount to exceed specifications by 50% during these times. 

When the amount entering the treatment plant is exceeded, not only can the city be in violation, but the public health is at risk, for the plant is overburdened. 

Multiple Solutions

Usually there are two ways to solve this problem. The treatment plant can be enlarged at great expense and/or the sewer collection lines can be replaced or REPAIRED. This is where Horseshoe Construction, Inc. can step in and save cities a considerable amount of money. 

Instead of spending needless millions of dollars to upgrade the sewage treatment plant, Horseshoe Construction, Inc. can repair the underground sewer lines. By using advanced Pipebursting techniques and/or Sliplining solutions, the infiltration of groundwater into the system can be stopped. 

Usually the age of the sewer lines will be a determining factor in whether they are leaking, but testing will confirm the leaks. Sewer lines might be constructed of various materials, such as concrete, vitrified clay, ductile iron, cast iron, steel, plastics and fiberglass. Most of the pipes in the older neighborhoods are concrete or vitrified clay. Over the years, the hydrogen sulfide and other materials in common sewage will cause these sewer pipes to deteriorate and develop leaks. The newer neighborhoods generally have thick plastic pipes made of poly vinyl chloride (PVC) that are not affected by these materials and are flexible and highly durable.

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